Demystifying Software Development

In today’s increasingly digitalized and automated world, few professional fields are as important as software development, which involves the conceiving, designing, and programming (and debugging) of software applications. In light of the field’s tremendous importance in the modern environment, this blog site aims to demystify the often-misunderstood world of software development for the average reader.

Visitors to this site can choose from a broad range of material pertaining to software development and its many related sub-disciplines. This material includes well-researched articles on a host of relevant subjects, from the most efficient software development methodologies to the latest programming paradigms.

The Different Types of Software Testing

19 May 2022

There are actually many types of software testing, and each one requires a specific set of skills. The two main categories are functional testing and non-functional testing. The main goal of testing is to eliminate any bugs or lags that may be in the software.

What is Source Code?

14 Apr 2022

Source code operates in the background for every process or website running on a computer. It is written as a string of characters, letters, and numbers that is read by the computer and tells it what to do. Source code can be written in a number of software languages.

Software Engineering as a Career

8 Mar 2022

Software engineering is a fascinating career and can be highly lucrative. A degree course can teach the specific IT skills that are necessary for this line of work. In addition, software engineers can either work in-house with just one company or can opt for freelancing and work from home.