Tesugen in Summary: 2004

Here are the summaries I’ve written for 2004 so far. Click the months to read them in full.

  • In January, 2004, I blogged, almost exclusively in Swedish, about tacit knowledge, intuition, improvisation, and the semiotics of software architecture.
  • I didn’t blog much at all in February, 2004, just a few notes about updates to the design of the weblog, and a longer post on enterprise architecture.
  • In March, 2004, I was back in my regular groove, posting on computer semiotics, patterns, software architecture, enterprise architecture, and blogging (as my weblog turned two).
  • Among the topics in April, 2004, were Karl Popper, creativity, genre theory, and urban planning.
  • During May, 2004, I mostly wrote about imageability, cities, software architecture, enterprise architecture, Le Corbusier’s plans for Stockholm, and intellectual creativity.
  • June, 2004 had no obvious theme, but I posted on Le Corbusier, Aboriginal songlines, constrained universes of expression, and dumped a lot of links on OuLiPo and constraints.
  • The main themes of July, 2004 were Le Corbusier’s city planning theories, Italo Calvino, and software architecture and development.
  • There were two major themes in August, 2004, cities and software architecture.
  • September, 2004, spawned few posts, and among those that were posted there was no discernible theme.
  • I blogged mostly in Swedish in October, 2004, and the bulk of my writing was focused on Israel & Palestine.

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