Summary of June, 2004

June, 2004 had no obvious theme, but I posted on Le Corbusier, Aboriginal songlines, constrained universes of expression, and dumped a lot of links on OuLiPo and constraints.

At the beginning of the month, I was reading Bruce Chatwin’s The Songlines, started the month before. Anne Galloway alerted me to the fact that Chatwin’s book is quite controversial, so I did a little investigation on the matter.

I asked whether anybody knew of an atlas of the world’s largest cities, but didn’t find one. I did receive a tip about the out-of-print Zone 1/2: The Contemporary City, but this seems impossible to get hold of at a reasonable price. I am still interested.

I read Le Corbusier’s The City of To-morrow and its Planning, and wrote a long post on his notion of order, and then one on Le Corbusier, New Urbanism, imageability, and software, and some other things.

I summarized my thoughts on constrained universes of expression after becoming inspired by the then newly started weblog MadInkBeard, devoted to constraints and the OuLiPo.

I read Borges’ Brodie’s Report, posted on being an unskilled graphic designer, and did a whole lot of link dumping.

Swedish summary:

Jag läste Peter Nilsons Ljuden från kosmos och skrev någon sorts sammandrag eller recension.

I övrigt läste jag en intressant artikel om Vezofolket på Madagaskar, en annan artikel om innovationsforskaren Michael Schrage samt en grov idé om att det är tydlighet, inte konsekvens som är viktigt i barnuppfostran.

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