Summary of February, 2004

I didn’t blog much at all in February, 2004, just a few notes about updates to the design of the weblog, and a longer post on enterprise architecture.

During most of the month, I worked on a new design and merged my English and Swedish weblogs into one.

At the end of the month, I posted a note on Jeff Tash’s cognitive “IT Roadmaps” – pretty much an alternative to the Zachman Frameworkcomparing them to the Tibetan Wheel of Life, inspired by a paper by David West on the system metaphor in Extreme Programming.

Också vid slutet av månaden lyssnade jag på ett radioprogram om musiken som universellt språk.

The above was posted to my personal weblog on October 20, 2004. My name is Peter Lindberg and I am a thirtysomething software developer and dad living in Stockholm, Sweden. Here, you’ll find posts in English and Swedish about whatever happens to interest me for the moment.

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