“Deutschlandscape: Epicenters at the Periphery”

This is the last post of notes from the Micro/Macro seminar last week.1 Francesca Ferguson, founder of something called Urban Drift. Her talk mostly revolved around shrinking cities. Notes begin here:

Shifts the focus of her talk [after having heard the preceding talks]

Process-based architecture – shrinking cities of former E. Germany. Periphery – a state of mind as well [missed something here] – body architecture – temporary shelter from your clothes

Self-organized autonomous subsystems

Spaces for temporary use – turnaround [?] – has become extraordinary visible – urban planning from below – because of the abundance of spaces – from-below urban planning [again?] – gift economy … DJs, artists, etc. – self org.

An architect goes to the Turkish community, asks for money for repair, gives it to someone [official, the municipality or whatever] and seems that fountains [and other public things, spaces] are fixed – ersatz city

Empty real estate, reconfigured

Former People’s Republic, GDR, building, is being stripped of asbestos, and will become a space for clubs, exhibitions … PROCESS-BASED ARCHITECTURE [is “process” the right word here?]

Accommodate for the unplanned, spontaneous … rather than masterplan.

Movable bar furniture. Container culture. Platoon.

Shrinkage – “building backwards” – RÜCKBAU? [it seems so] Rethink. Villas built from torn-down high rises, recycled.

Participatory Architectural Practice, engaging public

Halle Neustadt 1970s empty Corbusian highrises turned into hotels, run by youth in the [unreadable] – BMX parks built by [now unused] doors, climbers on the building

Old plant in Essen now on World Heritage list [Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex I don’t know to which extent the image below is arranged]


Abandoned flooded coal mining site [didn’t get a shot of this slide unfortunately]

Temporary architecture, nomadic

Sprawl – at the periphery – neutral space. Supply/demand, storage, margins, terrain, new vocabulary needed – neither urban nor suburban – inbetween city [there was a German word mentioned as well] → car parks, storage warehouses …

leftovers, pragmatism, disruption

End of notes. I really like the “idea” of shrinking cities. I’ve seen it mentioned in some weblogs, for instance Anne Galloway’s. Must read about it.

The title of the talk refers to the German entry at the 2004 Architecture Biannual in Venice.

1 At the Museum of Architecture in Stockholm, subtitled “An urban meeting between Stockholm and Tokyo”; see also my previous notes from the lectures “Evolution of [Minato City] 1960’s to the Present Day,” “The Structure of Public Space and Everyday Life,” and “Evolution of [Stockholm] Over the Last 100 Years,” as well as my notes from the Q & A sessions.

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