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  • MadInkBeard: Rohmer and Permutations. “There are a number of spin-off groups from the Oulipo for various types of work (painting, comics, math, music, cooking, etc.) but not one for film (that I am aware of). The closest thing is the former Dogme 95 [...] group.”
  • MadInkBeard: Baetens, ethics, constraint? “For me, constrained writing is about writers (tools for writing, as the Oulipo have it) and on a more democratic and pedagogical level the ability to follow Lautreamont’s call for poetry to be made by all.”
  • MadInkBeard: Translation and Rabassa. “Translation itself if a kind of formal constraint. Rewriting a text in a new language under the constraint of semantic (and formal) like-ness to the original.”
  • MadInkBeard – OuLiPo Bibliography. “I am collecting English and French language articles on and by the Oulipo.”
  • MadInkBeard: Breaking down to rebuild. “A number of the Oulipian constraints begin with someone else’s work, which is then put through some form of modification (such as the haikuisation constraint previsouly explained).”
  • MadInkBeard: Constrained.org. “[T]he Oulipo [Ouvroir de litterature potentielle] seeks to create constraints and forms, not the works themselves”.
  • MadInkBeard: 24 Hour Comic Day Report. “A rather different constraint than what I been studying in regards to the Oulipo, as this is not a constraint on the creation itself, but on the creator… rather, it is a constraint outside the text.”

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