Summary of August, 2003

The major themes of August, 2003 were constrained universes of expression, dramaturgy, children, and semiotics—most of them in combination with software development.

A post from August 7 received some linkage. It was about how I tried to recall an idea that had struck me on the way to work.

I continued thinking about constrained universes (or rather, they continued to haunt me):

A favorite line of thought is the similarities between storytelling or dramaturgy and software architecture. In a way, the internals of a piece of software is a story about its problem domain, and its dramaturgy is the architecture.

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Another much-linked post this month was one titled Controlling your sleep from August 21, about how it’s possible to set yourself to wake up at a particular time, with stunning accuracy. Several people said they had the same experience.

Being a parent is an opportunity to observe many things about human behavior in a pure form. This is the big part of the cliché of how children can teach us adults important things.

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I was recommended to take a look at semiotics, as it probably was relevant for my ideas about constrained universes of expression. So I did, but I didn’t realize how relevant it was until several weeks later.

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