First week with AdSense

I’ve had Google AdSense for a week now, and thought I’d share how it has worked.

I had to remove this paragraph as it violated the AdSense Terms and Conditions.

I know that Google AdWords lets you buy ads for specific words, and that words with higher search frequencies cost more, so perhaps those ads pay more per clickthrough, or something.

Like Steven Johnson, I find it fascinating to browse around and see what ads get displayed for different posts.

For instance, in the archives for July 6, 2002 an ad is shown for the Design Patterns, but it isn’t paid for by Amazon.com, but someone who has entered his Associates ID. So he buys ads from Google, to get referral fees from Amazon. This ecosystem breeds strange creatures.

Overall, I like this. If the first week says anything about the future, this will pay me more than the Amazon referral fees, which means I can buy more books, which is good.

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