In case anybody is curious, this is what my local homepage (mentioned earlier) looks like. For the moment, I am mirroring it once a minute using a cron job. The nice thing about having a homepage that is advertised using Rendezvous is that you can be pretty sure people are using Safari. It might look strange in other browsers, I don’t know.

This is what I do in AppleScript (which is run periodically by iChatStatus).

For this to work, you need to create a smart playlist with no conditions, and Limit to 7 songs selected by most recently played – and name it “Last Played”.

Edit your /etc/httpd/users/yourname.conf and set AllowOverride to All (or at least not None). Then create a .htaccess file in your Sites folder, containing the following:

AddType text/html .shtml
AddHandler server-parsed .shtml
Options +Includes
DirectoryIndex index.shtml

Create index.shtml (in your Sites folder) and do a <!--#include file="iTunes.inc" --> in it.

The above was posted to my personal weblog on May 7, 2003. My name is Peter Lindberg and I am a thirtysomething software developer and dad living in Stockholm, Sweden. Here, you’ll find posts in English and Swedish about whatever happens to interest me for the moment.

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