Update: Ruby language spec for PB

Scott Thompson kindly sent me an updated Ruby language spec for Project Builder. He writes that he has “added the multi-line comment tags (=begin, =end), [...] set the CaseSensitive flag, and added IdentifierChars and IdentifierStartChars based on some oddities in Ruby identifiers”. I’ve updated Ruby.pblangspec with these changes.

He had also added “AltKeywords” for all the built-in functions and classes, but I myself am not sure I want this; I have set my preferences so that keywords are bold, and I feel that the code gets too hard to read. I wish you could set the attributes for alt keywords separately. However, I don’t want to impose my views on you, so if you would like this, here’s Scott’s file: AltRuby.pblangspec (be sure to remove the “Alt” prefix).

See my original post for more information on how to install this. Thanks, Scott!

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