Stockholm Film Festival

I like going to film festivals and in Stockholm there’s the big one, the Stockholm Film Festival, and the small one, Popcorn, that isn’t any longer quite what I would call a film festival. Originally, it was started by people who left the big festival, who intended to focus on up and coming film makers, and it was great. When the big festival no longer had Q & A sessions with directors and actors after the films, I preferred Popcorn. But when they awarded Pedro Almodovar with the grand prize, I felt that to be kind of strange, since he’s not really a debutant.

Anyway, I turned thirty in September, and my girlfriend gave me a pass to this year’s festival, which was one of the best presents I have ever gotten. (Perhaps you need to be a parent to realize this.) Today I had lunch with my friend Olof and we picked a few films to see:

I look forward to this.

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