Doc Searls: The Real Battle

Doc Searls in Linux Journal, reporting from the Digital Hollywood conference: “The politics of the matter are too complicated to describe, but they’re easy to sort out if you apply Lessig’s Lesson [“Creativity and innovation always builds on the past. The past always tries to control the creativity that builds upon it. Free societies enable the future by limiting this power of the past. Ours is less and less a free society.”] and draw a line between the future and the past. Linux and the Net are entirely on the future side of that line. Technology companies like Intel and Apple are crossing the line only so far as it takes to do business with the “content providers” of the other side. They are joined on the future’s side by the [CEA], though CEA members like Sony and Panasonic still belong to cartels largely run by the entertainment industry. Pioneering entertainment companies like Dreamworks [SKG] and Intertainer are stretching as far as they can to side with the future. Microsoft is riding high on the straddle. From the outside they appear to be siding with Hollywood; but insiders and former insiders paint a far more complicated picture.”

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