Cognitive blogging, early and often

During my vacation I fell out of my blogging routine. I successfully managed to blog at least every day, but often several times a day. My blogging is fueled by what I read but also by itself (blogging fuels blogging). My ideal routine is “cognitive blogging, early and often”.

The “early and often” part (inspired by Chapter 4 in The Cathedral and the Bazaar, by Eric S. Raymond) is something I’ve blogged a lot about (for example here). Early and often ensures that blogging fuels further blogging.

By “cognitive blogging” I mean that in order to more deeply understand a topic, blogging about it during the course of reading really enhances the understanding. Your reading style isn’t quite the same when you read a text with the intention to write something about it. Sometimes I find myself reading the entire text once, then thinking about which parts were the highlights. If I can identify the highlights during the first reading, I sometimes mark it with a pen. Then I go over it again, quickly scanning the text for which parts to cite and write about.

Before my vacation I had developed the habit of continuously reading articles that I had printed out, but during the vacation all I had was my books and the daily newspaper. As for the newspaper, it didn’t always contain things I found interesting to delve deeper into. I did blog about articles and what I read in books, but I also came to a point where I felt that my mind was satiated – that I couldn’t do any more “deep reading” – so for I while I switched to reading fiction.

Now I’m trying to resume my blogging and I’m sure that it won’t be a problem. Before writing this post, I felt completely devoid of anything to blog about, but having read One Continuous Mistake (see my review) I knew that it just was a question of getting started. Hopefully this post will fuel more posts, and my daily reading will pick up speed again.

The above was posted to my personal weblog on August 1, 2002. My name is Peter Lindberg and I am a thirtysomething software developer and dad living in Stockholm, Sweden. Here, you’ll find posts in English and Swedish about whatever happens to interest me for the moment.


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